Top Haunted Houses In New Jersey

New Jersey Top Haunt: Bloodshed Farms

Haunted Drive Through!!!

Bloodshed Farms

Bloodshed Farms, a notorious haunted house attraction, reigns supreme in the realm of frightful experiences. This intense and hair-raising haunt is not for the faint-hearted. It is known for its elaborate and bone-chilling designs, nightmarish characters, and immersive storylines that play on your deepest fears. Each year, the proprietors add new themes and scares to keep even the bravest souls on their toes. The chilling ambiance, coupled with skilled actors who don’t miss a beat, creates a heart-pounding journey through the dark that is both thrilling and unforgettable.

FrightFind It: Bloodshed Farms in Springfield, NJ

Runner-Up: The 13th Hour in Wharton, NJ

More Top Haunts in New Jersey

The 13th Hour

Previously called the Haunted Scarehouse. this is a great haunt, but the 60-minute escape rooms are fantastic!

Nightmare at Gravity Hill

Nightmare at Gravity Hill Haunted HouseYou may never wake from this one.

Brighton Asylum

Brighton Asylum Haunted HouseYou have nothing to lose but your mind!

Night of Terror

Night of Terror NJZombie Paintball. Need we say more?

Field of Terror

If you can survive a night in this field of zombies, you can survive anything. Four different haunted attractions to choose from.

Oasis Island of Terror

OASIS ISLAND OF TERROROver 1 mile of soothing sounds and pretty lights, er, I mean horror and terror!

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