Hotel Alexandria

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501 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA

The Hotel Alexandria opened in 1906 in Los Angeles to much fanfare. Celebrities and regular people alike turned out for its grand opening, but as times change, the hotel lost many of its fans. Despite becoming a cultural landmark, the hotel suffered a number of problems and eventually become an extended stay hotel. New owners turned the old hotel into a condo development, but those changes only added to its haunted reputation.

Many stories surround a formerly sealed off portion of the old hotel. When the new developers bought the hotel, they found a sealed off room still filled with a man’s personal belongings and clothing. No one knows who stayed in that room or who closed it off. The hotel also had an entire wing sealed off from the public. A local man owned the land the wing stood on and eventually sealed the wing off from the hotel himself.

The Palm Court, which sits on the second floor and was once a ballroom, is quite haunted too. Visitors report seeing the ghosts of female dancers on stage or clustered near the stage, a man in an old-fashioned black suit roaming through the space and a young woman who fades into the shadows. There are also reports of someone haunting the room once occupied by Rudolph Valentino. Former residents of the hotel often felt cold chills, suffered from headaches and experienced an eerie feeling that they couldn’t explain while living there. Though the hotel now houses expensive condominiums inside, residents still experience some unsettling things at the Hotel Alexandria.

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