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Tucked away in the Downtown Historic District of Mobile, Alabama, the Malaga Inn makes the short list of most haunted hotels in Alabama. Originally built as twin town houses by two brothers during the Civil War, the two buildings that make up the property have changed hands several times since. Today, the town houses are connected, and 39 rooms and suites overlook the central courtyard that once separated them. More than a century’s worth of history haunts guests, even despite renovations.

Tunnels still run under the two buildings, and they may have something to do with the hotel’s paranormal occurrences. The current owners believe the tunnels were used by Confederate soldiers to hide during the war, and their coming and going may be responsible for the mysterious movement of beds and other furniture around the hotel.

Additionally, guests report lamps becoming unplugged and unusual swaying of the chandelier that hangs in the lobby. Most notably, though, is the Lady in White.

Originally spotted walking the veranda of Room 007, the mysterious figure comes and goes with no apparent rhyme or reason. Her visage has been reported through the years by hotel staff and guests, and a sighting her is sure to be a highlight for ghost-seeking visitors.

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