Top Haunted Houses in Georgia 2022

Georgia Top Haunt: Lake Joy – Trails of Terror

Take a dip in the lake they said! It will be fine.


Lake Joy sounds like any other tranquil location for gathering ones peace of mind……until you realize the name is only a draw leading straight into their Trails of Terror!  A purely outdoor haunted attraction set in the most dreary of woods where a cadre of sadistic clowns, mangled women, and possible werewolves stalk you under the full moon’s bright.  Consistent five star reviews adorn the social media for this mid-Georgia haunt were now upgrades in the form of line skipping and glow stick amenities are a must.  After you see what’s in these woods, you’ll need all the advantage you can get to make it out. Opening at dusk and closing when……the last body is hauled out.

FrightFind It: Lake Joy Trails of Terror in Kathleen, GA
Runner Up: Floklore Haunted House in Dallas, GA

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