Top Haunted Houses in Michigan

Michigan Top Haunt: Azra Chamber of Horrors

Where Each Chamber Is More Menacing Than the Last!

Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House

Rated as the #1 haunted attraction in the state of Michigan, Azra Chamber of Horrors knows what it takes to ratchet up the scare factor.  The building used to be a former laser tag arena that has been transformed into a multilevel haunted house maze.  The story with this attraction is that inside the former laser tag arena was a realm known as Azra.  After countless battles against the darkness, the lights finally went out and a dragon appeared that summoned demons to reside in every chamber of the layout here.  Special attention here on the wildly realistic demonic special effects.  Part myth, part demon, part scare-you-out-of-your-mind terror!

FrightFind It: Azra Chamber of Horrors in Madison Heights, MI

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Erebus Haunted House
Four stories of terror!


Hush Haunted AttractionGlow Stick Nights on November 1 &2! 


Top Haunted Houses in Michigan - AwakenWake up! It’s time to scream.

Exit 13

Exit 13 Haunted HouseDon’t miss this exit straight into hell.

Scarefest Scream Park


New for 2018: The Forest of Darkness

Jackson’s Underworld

Top Haunted Houses in Michigan - Jackson's UnderworldFour stories and over 115,000 square feet of haunt floor. I’m tired just typing that!

Night Terrors

Top Haunted Houses in Michigan - Night TerrorsNight Terrors will give you night terrors.

Niles Scream Park

Top Haunted Houses in Michigan - Niles Scream Park
Try their new attraction: Hooded. Each victim is all alone, blindfolded…and you will be touched! Adults 18 and older only. 

Terror At Tee Lake

Top Haunted Houses in Michigan - Terror At Tee Lake
Not only do they have a haunted house, but they also have a free nightly Drive-Thru Haunt. Not enough? Stay overnight in one of their cabins.

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