Top Haunted Houses In Nevada

Nevada Top Haunt: The Asylum

Where Your Body Checks In, But Your Soul Never Checks Out!

The Asylum in Las Vegas

The Asylum & Hotel Fear in Las Vegas adds a chilling layer of horror to the otherwise thrilling city! Bring your most courageous companions, as their company will be crucial to surviving the Asylum. This spine-chilling haunted tour immerses you in the gloomy and horrifying secrets of the Meadview Sanctuary, home to some of the most grotesque patients. If your heart can handle more, Hotel Fear introduces you to some of the most petrifying specters from horror lore. Horror movie enthusiasts will recognize certain aspects of this haunted attraction used in the film Rust.

FrightFind It: The Asylum in Las Vegas, NV

Runner-Up: Freakling Bros – Horror Shows in Las Vegas, NV

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Freakling Bros – Horror Shows

“Vegas has gone to HELL.”

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