Top Haunted Houses in Oregon 2018

Oregon Top Haunt: House of Shadows

They Really Know How To Grab Your Attention

House of Shadows Haunted House

There remains for some haunted attraction goers, an unslaked thirst for a more terrifying experience as hayrides or banal corn mazes just don’t cut it.  House of Shadows in Portland, Oregon is the premier one-of-a-kind horror show to visit for a lurid and ghastly experience.  Reputed to be one of the few attractions in the state that offers full-on contact between the attendees and the monsters, this is one haunt that is not for children of any capacity.  With full contact allowed, this haunt will put visitors right into the heart of darkness itself.   Viscerally disturbing with pure grindhouse style mayhem, the House of Shadows vows to push visitors to the absolute horror limits. 

FrightFind It: House of Shadows in Gresham, OR

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Top Haunted Houses in Oregon - FearlandiaOne of the fastest growing haunts in Oregon!

13Th Door

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The Nightmare Factory

Top Haunted Houses in Oregon - The Nightmare FactoryHosted by the Oregon School for the Deaf and proceeds help fund the school. We recommend getting the Infected Nightmare experience.

Davis Graveyard

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The Frightuary

New for 2018, “You Go First!” blackout attraction.

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