Top Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Top Haunt: Field of Screams

If You Build It, They Will Die!

Field Of Screams

Named the Best Extreme Haunted Attraction by USA Today, the Field of Screams in Mountville outside Lancaster is the best of the best when it comes to haunted attractions in not only Pennsylvania but the entire United States! Four frightening feasts of fear are available to quench even the most scarethirsty of horror fans!  Haunted Hayride takes you and your friends on the deepest and darkest journey into the night where a demented assortment of redneck pig butchers, psycho clowns, and demonic creatures of the night await your every turn.  Den of Darkness is over three stories and chock full of living nightmares.  Nocturnal Wasteland is a venture into a cavalcade of cannibalistic mutants so disgusting you may faint from pure fright!  Frightmare Asylum is a heart-pounding tour into the sick sad world of medical mishaps and malpractices so disturbing many people refuse to enter from pure fright.  The Field of Screams claims many souls, will yours be next?!

FrightFind It: Field of Screams in Mountville, PA

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Pennhurst Asylum

Pennhurst Asylum Haunted House4 haunted attractions that push you to the limits of your sanity, but not your pocket book.

Fright Farm

Fright Farm3 decades and scaring strong!

Haunted Hollow

Haunted Hollow Pennsylvania

5 Haunted Attractions, an Escape Room, and an Entertainment Midway. You don’t want to miss this one! 

Fright Factory

Top Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania - Fright FactoryOver 25,000 square feet of terror.

Haunted Hillside

Top Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania - Haunted HillsideStart the night with a hayride, take a mile stroll through hell, and then hopefully call it a night.

Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House

Top Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania - Hundred Acres Manor Haunted HousePittsburg’s largest haunted house.

Reaper’s Revenge

Top Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania - Reaper's RevengeStart with a haunted hayride through a dark forest that leads to a blackout maze. If that’s not enough, did we mention the zombie apocalypse?

Sleepy Hollow

Top Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania - Sleepy HollowTake a hayride or visit the actually haunted Malfaste Manor.

Scarehouse “The Basement”

Top Haunted Houses in Pennsylvania - Scarehouse You must be 18 to enter and sign a waiver. You will be touched. Alot.

Elysburg Haunted House

ELYSBURG HAUNTED HOUSECome and get a hot chocolate before you get scared to death.

Ravenwood Manor

RAVENWOOD MANOR HAUNTED HOUSEThis is a 27 room haunted mansion that offers overnight stays January through April. But in October they are too busy scaring visitors at their haunted attraction, “House of Crazies”.

Ghost Lake

Ghost Lake Hunt
Nothing bad ever happens at lakes, right?



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