Top Haunted Houses in Utah 2018

Utah Top Haunt: Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

As if a circus isn’t scary enough, here’s a haunted one.

Haunted Circus Haunted House in Utah

Strangling Brothers ……..where the lights go out and the freaks come out!  Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Strangling Brothers haunted circus horror attraction offers thrillseekers a maddening descent into the sadistic side of the carnival-style world.  Dark twists and turns through bizarre and gory tunnels, the Strangling Brothers does not disappoint in scares.  To ratchet up the intensity, the Tunnel of Foam offers ninety feet of terrifying clowns of twisted demonic shapes, and comes with a dual warning of possibly getting wet as well as entering at your own risk.  Visitors with deep clown phobias are warned up front that the attraction will test their mental capacity to the fullest!

FrightFind It: Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus in American Fork, UT

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