Top Haunted Houses In Maryland

Maryland Top Haunt: 301 Devil’s Playground

Worst Jungle Gym Ever!

301 Devil's Playground

301 Devil’s Playground is one of the most spine-chilling haunted attractions located in Maryland. Each year, it attracts countless thrill-seekers with its eerie atmosphere and horror-filled experiences. Visitors wander through haunted houses, where heart-stopping scares lurk around every corner. The surreal environment includes a haunted barn, a horror hayride, and The Field of Screams providing an immersive and petrifying experience. The ghostly inhabitants of the 301 Devil’s Playground are enough to give anyone nightmares, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking the adrenaline rush of terror.

FrightFind It: 301 Devil’s Playground in Galena, MD

Runner-Up: Laurel’s House of Horror in Laurel, MD

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Laurel's House of HorrorBuilt inside an abandoned movie theater. Maybe there’s a cartoon before the show?

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Bennett's CurseThey Just Can’t-Wait To Scare You!

Field of Screams

4 different haunted attractions in 1 location.

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