Top Haunted Houses In Utah

Utah Top Haunt: Castle of Chaos

5 Levels of Fear To Choose From

Castle of Chaos

Upon the grim threshold of the Castle of Chaos, a chilling dread envelops you, creeping into your bones with a paralyzing terror. The darkness within beckons, a suffocating void that swallows all light, all hope. The walls groan with the echoes of forgotten souls, each footstep sending icy tremors spiraling down your spine. The air is dense with fear, caustic and biting, lingering on your tongue like the taste of impending doom. This is not just a haunted house, this is a journey into pure, unadulterated terror, where every moment teeters on the precipice of your worst nightmares. Welcome to the Castle of Chaos – your sanity may never remain intact.

FrightFind It: Castle of Chaos in Taylorsville, UT

Runner-Up: Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus in American Fork, UT

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Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus


Haunted Forest

Haunted ForestIf You Scream In The Forest, Do The Trees Laugh?

Nightmare on 13th

Nightmare on 13thThese guys are known for always changing things up, 30 years strong!

Asylum 49

This is a hardcore haunt. If you think your kids are too young, then they are.

Haunted Hollow

13 acres of haunted forest.

Fear Factory

FEAR FACTORY-SALT LAKE CITYMore than just a haunted house. They have a zipline, free fall, and virtual reality!

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