Top Haunted Houses in Virginia

Virginia Top Haunt: Red Vein Haunted House

Looking For Lambs To Slaughter!

Red Vein Haunted House in Virginia

A witch’s curse from the 1500s carries all the way over into 2019 as the Red Vein Haunted House in Richmond brings to you a more atmospheric haunted attracted.  Blended and inspired by true-life events combined with modern-day special effects and sets, Red Vein Haunted House doesn’t rely on chainsaws or knife-wielding clowns to make you scream. Rabbits Cry Field is an absolute corn maze must for those who want to get to know their vocal cords a little better.  The Redvyn Asylum will open its doors to the living and give attraction goers a firsthand look at the mentally insane and just how deep their unslaked depravities go.  The Lambs To Slaughter is an 18+ experience that you must sign a waiver to participate in…and that’s as much as we will give away on that truly terrifying experience for only the bravest of the brave!

FrightFind It: Red Vein Haunted House in Ashland, VA

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