Top Haunted Houses in Oklahoma 2016

Oklahoma Top Haunt: The 13th Ward

The Doctor Will See You Now

The 13th Ward in Arrow, OK

Near Tulsa, The 13th Ward is a Broken Arrow gem. Themed as a medical rehabilitation facility for the country’s most violent and dangerous criminals, this haunted house pushes the trope’s boundaries and horrifies its patrons in unexpected ways. The House even donates a portion of its proceeds to the River Wallace Luck Benefit fund and The American Cancer Society. Pure terror has never felt so good!

FrightFind It: The 13th Ward in Arrow, OK

More Top Haunts in Oklahoma

Dead Woods Trail of Fear

Top Haunted Houses in Oklahoma - Dead Woods Trail of FearThis isn’t just a top notch haunted house. “Strange For Hire” is a real sideshow with knife juggling, sword swallowing, and some audience participation. Don’t miss it!

Katts Haunted Forest

Top Haunted Houses in Oklahoma - Katts Haunted ForestThis haunt boasts that it is Oklahoima’s first real haunted forest. They also offer zombie paintball and laser tag. Don’t worry, the lasers aren’t real.

Hex House

Top Haunted Houses in Oklahoma - Hex HouseThis Tulsa haunt is inspired by a local story of the occult from the 1940s. You will not find any familiar movie monsters at this attraction, but you will enter into a new dark and demented reality that is the Hex House.

Killing Frost

Top Haunted Houses in Oklahoma - Killing FrostIn their 10th season of haunting, Killing Frost presents “Road Signs” at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Only $15 will get you in the fairgrounds just in time to high tail it out of there.

Psycho Path

Top Haunted Houses in Oklahoma - Psycho PathThis haunt has a bit of everything. You can take the Dark Ride down a mile of terror, or enjoy a stroll through their Shadow Box haunted house. Don’t miss the Rage Cage maze as well as zombie paintball in the back of a real Army transport truck.

The Sanctuary

Top Haunted Houses in Oklahoma - The SanctuaryFour Stories of Terror

Thunderbird Trail of Fear

Top Haunted Houses in Oklahoma - Thunderbird Trail of FearThese guys didn’t have enough room in one town so they expanded to three. Check them out in Noble, Lawton, and Luther Oklahoma. Also don’t miss their December haunt, Trail of Cheer.

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