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People looking to embark on careers as famous comedians naturally gravitate towards Los Angeles. Landing a gig at the Comedy Store, a landmark comedy club, is just about the best audition one can land to get that big break. So why exactly would a place that has such comedic reputation be haunted?

Is the Comedy Store in Los Angeles Haunted?

Prior to being established as the Comedy Store, the building was a famous Sunset Strip club and restaurant called Ciro’s. All of Hollywood royalty and some reputed gangsters frequented the club from 1940 to 1972. The building was purchased, remodeled and the Comedy Store opened for business.

Over the years, stories of paranormal activity have become frequently reported at the Comedy Store.

  • An upstairs area of the comedy club housed a piano that was frequently heard being played with nobody there.
  • Club waitresses would set and dress candles on club tables only to come back and find them rearranged.
  • A former security guard once claimed to have seen audience chairs mysteriously slide across the floor unassisted, as well as lights flickering on an off. Even once, a stack of chairs left their position and were supernaturally stacked in the center of the room without a sound.
  • Supposedly, the Hollywood mafia made sinister deals down in the basement of Ciro’s decades earlier and their shady dealings and possible deaths committed there have attributed to the supernatural activity in the Comedy Store today.

In the end, most people who have investigated the Comedy Store have found the activity to be from a “prankster” spirit of some kind as no real malevolent activity has ever occurred there.

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