Top Haunted Houses In California

California Top Haunt: Shaqtoberfest

The Year of the Boat

Shaqtoberfest Halloween Festival

Upon entering the mysterious realm of Shaqtoberfest, you are met with an intimidating horde of specters, fiends, and various other terrifying entities. The macabre mansion, a primary feature, is painstakingly constructed to provoke a sense of dread with its superbly detailed decor and startling frights. This abode is decidedly not for the squeamish, and promises to deliver a deeply engaging and genuinely terrifying encounter. Did we mention it’s on the haunted Queen Mary?

FrightFind It: Shaqtoberfest in Long Beach, CA

Runner-Up: Fear Overload in San Leandro, CA

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Fear Overload

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17th Door Haunted House

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Pirates of Emerson

Bring another Haunted House’s ticket stub and get $5 off. Nicest pirates ever!

Reign of Terror

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Scream Park California

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Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

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