Top Haunted Houses in America 2015

A Guide to the Scariest Attractions in Every State

Be afraid! Because this is FrightFind’s inaugural list of the best haunted houses in the U.S. This state by state guide intends to help you find one haunt to visit in each and every state. Find the scariest and spookiest must-see attractions in your area, or any area of the country you plan to visit. We will be updating this list every year and we welcome your thoughts on any killer haunted houses we may have missed. So begin your tour of the best haunted houses in America below. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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It’s a madhouse!

What’s worse than zombies? The monsters that feast on them. And that’s exactly what confronts you when you visit the Insanitarium in Pinson, AL. The site is overrun with a vicious army of mutants and monsters created by the insane Dr. Ausnemen. This twisted doctor is gone, but his blood-thirsty creations are not. Now in its fifth year, the Insanitarium is redesigned every year for maximum fright and surprise. There is no age limit, but it’s rated PG-13 and is definitely scary.

Alabama Runner Up: Atrox Factory

Alaska: Fairbanks Asylum

Walk the halls of this madhouse at your own risk. Visitors are harassed, horrified, and hounded at every turn so prepare to be frazzled by the time you leave. But be sure to check out their schedule because the Fairbanks Asylum does feature some rotating events, including some that are friendlier to kids such as their toned-down trick or treating event on Halloween.

FrightFind It: Fairbanks Asylum
Alaska Runner Up: Gateway to Darkness

Arizona: 13th Floor Haunted House

Located in downtown Phoenix, the 13th Floor Haunted House is the largest haunted attraction in the city. Created by nationally-recognized haunted house designers, it features two attractions for one price for 2015 – Feral Moon and Patient Alpha – spread over 60,000 square feet and multi-levels. There’s a reason why the 13th floor is considered back luck. You’ll find out why here.

FrightFind It: The 13th Floor Haunted House
Arizona Runner Up: The Crypt Haunted Attractions

Arkansas: Fear Factory 501

Located in Jacksonville, AR, this local favorite is updated annually with new frights, including 3D features that will freak you out. There’s also Skully’s Haunted Playhouse and an ultra-gory Halloween torture chamber that just might make you sick. Many of the features may not be appropriate for kids, but some kid friendly nights are available.

FrightFind It: Fear Factory 501
Arkansas Runner Up: The Torture Chamber

California: Slipknot’s Scream Park

Voted “Best in the West” by Forbes

Slipknot’s Scream Park lives up to its billing as the “world’s most outrageous haunted house event.” Expect big here. There are three separate haunted houses, with new fright features added regularly to keep things interesting and terrifying. And when you need a break to collect your wits (or change your pants), you can catch some live music or a live horror show. This park is for mature audiences only. The company also has a location in the San Francisco area called Fear Overload Scream Park.

FrightFind It: Slipknot’s Scream Park
California Runner Up: Cemetarium

Colorado: Ghouls Gulch

Now in their 12th year, Ghouls Gulch employs a crack team of actors and technicians to create a terrifying world filled with ghouls, goblins, and 3D images that trick your mind as you scramble in fear through the two main attractions, Ghouls Gulch and the new Sanitarium haunted house. It’s a top-notch scare operation. They also sponsor Haunted Brewfest, also in Colorado Springs, a fun event scare seekers will want to check out.

FrightFind It: Ghoul’s Gulch
Colorado Runner Up: Reapers Hollow

Connecticut: Dark Manor Haunted House

#1 Haunted Attraction 8 years in a row in The Venue News readers poll

Three dark scenes await you at Dark Manor in Norwich, CT – the Manor, the Cemetery, and the Catacombs. Along the way you’ll encounter ghosts, ghouls, chainsaw freaks, and rabid zombies on the loose, with enough screaming and macabre details to drive you mad. Be advised: those with pacemakers and heart conditions will be denied entry. For your own good.

FrightFind It: Dark Manor Haunted House
Connecticut Runner Up: Nightmare On Wolcott Street

Delaware: Scream at the Beach

Located in Georgetown, there are five unique – and uniquely horrifying – attractions at Scream at the Beach: a haunted house, an asylum, a cemetery, a haunted forest, and a creepy section called Abomination Acres. Taken together, this is a nerve-wracking experience. Each feature has its own bone-chilling feel and focus, making for a good variety of scares.

FrightFind It: Scream at the Beach
Delaware Runner Up: Nightmare’s Haunted House

Florida: The Shallow Grave

Intense and disturbing, The Shallow Grave nails the creepy details. Located in Winter Haven, the attraction takes its victims through a maze of high quality sets filled with performers in incredible costumes and make-up, and creations that will scare you speechless.

FrightFind It: The Shallow Grave
Florida Runner Up: A Haunting in Old Town

Georgia: Netherworld

Nationally recognized haunted house

Nationally-recognized Netherworld in Norcross has been selected to many different lists of the best haunted houses in the country. The big attraction is the team of more than 100 performers that transform themselves into monsters of all kinds to roam and incite fear and dread among visitors walking through. The costumes and make-up are remarkable, as are the spooky special effects.

FrightFind It: Netherworld
Georgia Runner Up: Gates of Misery

Hawaii: Haunted Plantation

Featured on SYFY and The Travel Channel

Now in its 10th year in the scare business, the Haunted Plantation is located on the site of an actual haunted village. But don’t take our word for it. Both SYFY and The Travel Channel have done shows here to investigate the paranormal activity that has been recorded here for years. The roughly 60 actors on site will make you experience it all firsthand as you wander among the village and multiple spooky structures.

FrightFind It: Haunted Plantation
Hawaii Runner Up: Scare Hawaii

Idaho: Haunted Mansions of Albion

There is no telling what you might find in this abandoned school

Those afraid of clowns will lose it at the House of Clowns feature here. Elsewhere on the property you have the bizarre Haunted School of Chaos, the Zombie Academy, and the Haunted Mine Shaft. But the most intriguing feature may be the historic Comish Hall, which chronicles the creepy  – and real life – haunted history of the Albion State Normal School, which was established on the site in 1893.

FrightFind It: Haunted Mansion of Albion
Idaho Runner Up: Dr. Slaughter’s Carnival of Fear

Illinois: Statesville Haunted Prison

Statesville Haunted Prison features 23 maximum security cells filled with madness, terror, and fear. Hopefully you can serve your time and get out alive. If not, you may join the Gatekeeper’s army of the undead, which you’ll meet among the mass graves and mine shafts outside the walls. There’s also a cool Zombie Sniper Paintball Ride that is both fun and freaky.

FrightFind It: Statesville Haunted Prison
Illinois Runner Up: House of Torment

Indiana: Hanna Haunted Acres

An Indianapolis favorite

Hanna Haunted Acres features terror-filled hayrides in which visitors are frazzled by a wide variety of costumed performers and cleverly devious 3D props. There’s also a 7,000 square foot maze based on the popular Saw movie franchise, including creepy appearances by Jigsaw. Other haunts deal with demons, a toxic chemical outbreak, and a five-acre corn maze filled with evil scarecrows and other monsters. A solid, well-rounded scare experience.

FrightFind It: Hanna Haunted Acres
Indiana Runner Up: Indy Scream Park

Iowa: Thrashers House of Terror

Located on the ground of Midwest Old Threshers in Mount Pleasant, this community-run haunted house will scare you silly with their crew of actors, costumes, gruesome props, and plenty of guts and gore.

FrightFind It: Thrashers House of Terror
Iowa Runner Up: Panic Park

Kansas: Zombie Toxin

Found in Junction City, KS, Zombie Toxin centers on the gruesome legend of the twisted Dr. Von Monschture. Visitors tour the damp and dank laboratory where the bad doctor once worked on reanimating corpses to build an army of the undead. It’s a particularly creepy concept with lots of gore and elaborate costumes.

FrightFind It: Zombie Toxin
Kansas Runner Up: Field of Screams

Kentucky: The Devil’s Attic

This haunt boasts big time effects and a consistently horrifying theme. Costumes are top notch and the sets are detailed to match your nightmares. You’ll feel the heat and are sure to jump because evil lurks at every turn. You’re never ready for what’s around the corner, behind you, in front of you, or below….

FrightFind It: The Devil’s Attic
Kentucky Runner Up: Sinister Tombs

Louisiana: The 13th Gate

Voted one of the country’s scariest haunts

Baton Rouge’s The 13th Gate stands apart because of its realism. The attention to detail is clearly a point of pride here, and it’s often startlingly and shocking. The 40,000 square foot indoor/outdoor facility features 13 sections with attractions like a creepy swamp, voodoo shows, cellars and underground passages, and much more. These folks are real pros.

FrightFind It: The 13th Gate
Louisiana Runner Up: Rise

Maine: Destination Haunt

This award-winning, Lebanon based haunt leads visitors through a wide variety of spooky sections with names like “The Butcher,” “The Execution Center,” “Buried Alive Cemetery,” and “The Clown House.” There’s good attention to detail and a lot to scream about.

FrightFind It: Destination Haunt

Maryland: 301 Devil’s Playground

The Devil’s Playground in Maryland hosts 3 haunted attractions. The Barn of Torture, House of Hell, and Zombie Paintball. The House of Hell was enough for us to dub this Maine’s best. It’s taken right out of your nightmares.

FrightFind It: 301 Devil’s Playground
Maryland Runner Up: Bennett’s Curse

Massachusetts: Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

Dark indeed. This raunchy haunt will scare the hell out of you. The monsters are terrifying and the theme will make you skip your next trip to the doctor.

FrightFind It: Barrett’s Haunted Mansion
Runner Up: Hysteria at Connors Farm

Michigan: Phobia House

They say it’s in its final year. They are sending themselves out with a complex! The Phobia House located in Plainwell, Michigan, is rife with your fears, or should I say “phobias?” They have something for every phobia on the list. Is there a fear for loss? Because Michigan will be saying good bye to a great one.

FrightFind It: Phobia House
Michigan Runner Up: Erebus

Minnesota: Fright at the Farm

Over 10,000 indoor square feet of horror located at the Willow’s Keep Farm brings you all kinds of terror. Add the new haunted corn maze and this one is Minnesota’s top haunt of 2015. The sets are great, the scares are timed well and the actors are scary as hell.

FrightFind It: Fright at the Farm
Minnesota Runner Up: The Butcher Shop

Mississippi: Bailey Haunted Firehouse

In their 7th year, the Bailey Haunted Firehouse is better than ever. It’s very affordable to enter, but it may be costly to get out. The cast knows their craft and you will definitely be checking your smoke detectors when you go home.

FrightFind It: Bailey Haunted Firehouse
Mississippi Runner Up: Haunted Hill

Missouri: Creepyworld

The Biggest Haunt in Missouri

With 13 haunted attractions in one locations, Creepyworld has more than enough to please any scare seeker. Two new and notable haunted houses for 2015 include Whispering Woods Cemetery, an abandoned cemetery with lurking zombies, and Dolly Doll Mansion, a creepy world of dolls that are not what they appear to be. A fun, well-rounded attraction.

FrightFind It: Creepyworld
Missouri Runner Up: The Darkness

Montana: Field of Screams

Western Montana’s #1 Haunted Attraction

field of screams

Even after 16 years in business in Kalispell, Field of Screams continues to add new features to its popular walk through attraction. Visitors must brave haunted tunnels, graveyards, and fields before with finishing at a chilling ghost town. It’s also a family friendly attraction, with many daytime activities, minus the scares, for the little ones.

FrightFind It: Field of Screams

Nebraska: Scary Acres

3 Attractions in One

Open since 2002, Scary Acres in Omaha gives you three top-notch attractions in one location – the Master’s Castle, the Haunted Woods, and House on the Hill. Each has some ingenious effects, convincing performers, and lots of terrifying moments. It remains consistently popular because the management adds or improves features annually.

FrightFind It: Scary Acres
Nebraska Runner Up: Haunted Hollow

Nevada: Asylum & Hotel Fear

This attraction is unusual. First off, the haunts are housed in semi-truck trailers, which gives the different rooms an eerie, claustrophobic feel. Second, it’s in Las Vegas, where everything seems a bit stranger. The two main attractions, the Asylum and Hotel Fear, play up the intensity to an uncomfortable level, and then leave you screaming when you don’t see it coming. It’s solid, theatrical stuff.

FrightFind It: Asylum & Hotel Fear
Nevada Runner Up: Frightmare Mansion

New Hampshire: Fright Kingdom

New England’s Largest Indoor Attraction

Come prepared to stay awhile, because you’ll get your money’s worth here. Fright Kingdom features six different indoor attractions: Apocalypse Z, Bloodmare Manor, Psycho Circus, Grim, Castle of Corpses, and Monster Midway. This gives visitors multiple ways to get the adrenaline pumping.

FrightFind It: Fright Kingdom
New Hampshire Runner Up: Haunted Overload

New Jersey: Brighton Asylum

This decrepit building was once an asylum for the most violent patients in New Jersey. Nothing has changed over the last 75 years. If the ghouls don’t get you the building will. The horrors that happened years ago, still live on in New Jersey’s best haunt of 2015.

FrightFind It: Brighton Asylum
New Jersey Runner Up: Bane

New Mexico: NM Slaughter House

Most Extreme Horror Attraction in New Mexico

Nationally known for its over-the-top approach, this attraction in Albuquerque draws people from all over the region. The management boasts of getting 192 forfeits in one night, so the Slaughter House is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Run its gauntlet of gore at your peril.

FrightFind It: NM Slaughter House
New Mexico Runner Up: McCalls Haunted Farm

New York: Headless Horseman

A Perennial Favorite

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses has been included on lists of the best haunts in the country. It’s easy to see why. Located on a 65-acre farm in Ulster Park, NY the attraction features a new focus and concept each year to keep things fresh. For 2015, they introduced the Great Room Escape, a real life escape experience, to go along with their eight other unique attractions.

FrightFind It: Headless Horseman
New York Runner Up: FrightWorld Scream Park

North Carolina: Kersey Valley Spookywoods

A National Favorite Haunted House

One of the most famous haunted houses in the U.S., Kersey Valley Spookyworld is in its 30th year of scaring people silly. The site is incredible. There are about a dozen different themed haunts, plus a corn maze, movie-quality sets, 150 performers in costume, and much more. This is one for the must-see list.

FrightFind It: Kersey Valley Spookywoods
North Carolina Runner Up: Haunted Forest at Panic Point

North Dakota: Nightmares on Elm Street

This large indoor haunted destination is in its fourth year and getting better. They are especially known for the large 3D area that will amaze and terrify you at the same time.

FrightFind It: Nightmares on Elm Street
North Dakota Runner Up: Acres of Terror

Ohio: The Dent Schoolhouse

America Haunts Official Selection

Consistently voted Cincinnati’s scariest haunted house, Dent Schoolhouse offers plenty of lessons in horror. The costumes, characters, and attention to every detail bring this nightmarish vision to life. Be prepared. This haunted house is the real deal. There are reasons – creepy, heart-pounding reasons – why the Dent Schoolhouse has won dozens of national and local awards in recent years.

FrightFind It: The Dent Schoolhouse
Ohio Runner Up: Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres

Oklahoma: The Sanctuary

The doctor will see you now.

It’s time to check into The Sanctuary, a mental hospital gone very wrong. Visitors will spend a healthy 40 minutes walking through
the haunt and will get more than their money’s worth. If you visit the Sanctuary on a Saturday, you will get the added bonus of witnessing
a hook-in-skin and fire breathing show. Sounds like a perfect date night!

FrightFind It: The Sanctuary
Oklahoma Runner Up: Hex House 

Oregon: 13th Door

Oregon’s Icon of Fear

This family run haunted house will not bring your family closer together, but it may rip it apart. From rotting zombies and rabid dogs to a wild horse dragging a hearse with passengers who may or may not be living, 13th Dooris worth the trip. Hey! What’s in that creepy shed?

FrightFind It: 13th Door
Oregon Runner Up: House of Shadows

Pennsylvania: Pennhurst Asylum

Not for the faint of heart!

Not only was Pennhurst Asylum an actual state school for the mentally disabled, it is actually haunted! Visitors to the Asylum will get to experience much of the original hospital as well as new animatronics and sets. Walk through the Dungeon of Lost Souls and the Tunnel Terror, a 900 foot long tunnel under the school. As if that isn’t enough, welcome to the Mayflower building. Featured on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, this part of the school is known to be the most haunted. This part is self guided, so don’t lose your flashlight!

FrightFind It: Pennhurst Asylum
Pennsylvania Runner Up: Hotel of Horror

Rhode Island: Field of Screams

Three Scares for the price of one!

Yes, there is a haunted house! Yes, there is a haunted hayride! Yes, the have nightmarishly scary circus clowns! But more imprtantly, they have ZOMBIE PAINTBALL! Have you ever shot zombies from a 30 foot 5 ton military transport truck? I didn’t think so.

FrightFind It: Field of Screams
Rhode Island Runner Up: Haunted Hill

South Carolina: Nightmare Dungeon

Can you take the pain?

Located in Greenville South Carolina, there are three separate haunts for the price of admission. Start in the Meat Locker and end in the Massacre Haunted House where something called the “Meat Wagon” is waiting to take you away. Good Luck. Nice knowing you.

FrightFind It: Nightmare Dungeon
South Carolina Runner Up: Fear Farm

South Dakota: Fear Asylum

South Dakota’s Premier Haunted Attraction

Located in Brookings, South Dakota, this haunt spares no expense when preparing their scare. Movie quality effects and props push this haunt over the edge and right to the top of all South Dakota haunted houses. Don’t forget to visit Emily’s closet, a unique 3D haunted attraction. You even get a photo with admission!

FrightFind It: Fear Asylum
South Dakota Runner Up: Terror in the Dark

Tennessee: Nashville Nightmare

Navigate through dark passages crawling with terrifying creatures. Witness horrifying scenes and state of the art animatronics. Nashville’s finest is an easy choice for top haunt in Tennessee.

FrightFind It: Nashville Nightmare
Runner up: Ruby Falls Haunted Caverns

Texas: 13th Floor San Antonio

13th Floor Haunted Attraction - San Antonio

The 13th Floor lands in San Antonio and they brought even bigger and badder haunts than before. The new for 2015 theme, “Into the VOID” is a masterful nightmarish venture into the darkness that is sure to scare teh #$@^! out of anyone who enters. The frights don’t stop there as Burial Ground follows up with a new breed of vile creatures.

FrightFind It: 13th Floor San Antonio
Runner up: Cutting Edge

Utah: Haunted Forest

Utah’s Haunted Forest in Pleasant Grove has been scaring the wits out of folks since 1989. This year they doubled the trail and added new attractions. One of the best haunted forest’s in the nation, it was easy to dub them Utah’s most haunted attraction for 2015.

FrightFind It: Haunted Forest
Utah Runner up: Nightmare on 13th

Vermont: TerroRealm

Vermont's TerroRealm

The 19th century Wilson Castle hosts 2 haunted houses this year, Deadnberry and Dementia Asylum. The Manor leads you through the twisted halls of the castle, while Dementia Asylum’s maze of terrors is the finisher for any poor souls who enter.

FrightFind It: Terrorealm
Runner up: Dead North Vermont

Virginia: Gallows Dead Oak Hollow

Virginia’s Gallows has 4 all new terrifying attractions this year: Purgatory, Scarecrow’s Harvest, Inbred Jed’s Hospitality Shed, and Massacre at 266. Each is a little bit more dastardly and devilish making this Virginia’s most terrifying haunt.

FrightFind It: Gallows Dead Oak Hollow
Virginia’s Runner up: Scream Forest

Washington: Georgetown Morgue

Washington has several top notch frights to choose from, but Georgetown Morgue wins out. This haunt is well laid out and the scares are perfectly timed. The twists and turns ensure that each group is spaced nicely and everyone gets their share of the scares. The theme is perfect, actors are enthusiastic, and the make up is film-grade.

FrightFind It: Georgetown Morgue
Washington Runner up: Maris Farms Haunted Woods

West Virginia: The Asylum Haunted House Presents Hysteria

The Asylum does it up every year. This year it’s Hysteria! It’s twisted jaunt through the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, formerly known as the Weston State Hospital for the mentally ill in the mid-1800. The building brings its own spooks, but what’s inside is even worse, which made it an easy choice for top haunted house in West Virginia.

FrightFind It: The Asylum Haunted House Presents Hysteria

Runner up: The Haunted Fairgrounds

Wisconsin: Burial Chamber

The Wisconsin Burial Chambers haunted house boasts that it’s “Midwest’s Largest Haunted Complex,” but we’d add to that. It’s also one of the scareiest, including 3 full-sized haunted houses and 4 burial simulators it’s a comprehensive evening of fear. You can easily make an entire evening of this haunt and are sure to have a blast.

FrightFind It: Burial Chambers
Wisconsin Runner up: Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Wyoming: Nightmare on 17th Street

Best haunt for hundreds of miles

Cheyenne’s Nightmare on 17th Street haunted house has been operating since 1989. You’ll meet Freddy, Jason, Michael, and quite a few new friends when you stop by Wyoming’s top haunt of 2015.
FrightFind It: Nightmare on 17th Street

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