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A story in the Shadow Fabric Mythos by Mark Cassell When a photographer falls he’s going to protect his camera, and when gravity snatches my clumsy arse… Read more »

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It was. Three times its head spun in a sort of hellish and ritualistic practice that survived the dark impositions of the thing. The room was without… Read more »

We know, we know. Everybody has an opinion on the best horror films. How do you even begin to rank them? Are they the scariest? The bloodiest?… Read more »

Wes Craven has been scaring the hell out of people since 1972.  That year, he wrote, directed, and edited The Last House on the Left. From Cleveland,… Read more »

The Thornewood Castle has been said to be haunted for years. Witnesses say they’ve seen ghosts in the mirrors and hear footsteps down the hallway. Glowing orbs mysteriously show… Read more »

A news crew in Hanover, Pennsylvania captures dark forces on video and the camera man experiences a “burning” on his hand while filming. While video taping, the… Read more »