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The Conjuring’s Real Life Investigators: Ed and Lorraine Warren In the cold winter of 1970, the Perron family purchased a 200-acre country farmhouse in Rhode Island where… Read more »

Haunted Chicago is loaded with history. It’s also home to some great haunted establishments. From churches and theaters to restaurants and hotels, this city is rich in paranormal… Read more »

Contributed by Ken Webster of Sinful Audio Let’s be honest. For most haunts and escape rooms, the exhilaration of introducing new props, puzzles, animatronics and lighting effects… Read more »

Visiting a haunted prison is creepy enough, especially one featured in many popular TV shows and movies. But that’s just the beginning. This prison also houses one of Hollywood’s… Read more »

Michael Dougherty, Director of Trick ‘r Treat, and Founders of AtmosFX Discuss Deal Featuring Sam as Latest Digital Halloween Decorations FrightFind recently interviewed Michael Dougherty, director of cult… Read more »

New Scenes with Sam from Cult Fav Trick ‘r Treat are Latest Digital Display Offering from AtmosFX Seattle-based digital decorations pioneers AtmosFX has partnered with Legendary Entertainment… Read more »

ET brings us a new look at Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the 2017 IT remake. The first look at Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise got everyone’s attention. Now,… Read more »

We find the giant question mark surrounding American Horror Story’s 6th season theme very fitting when combined with the rumors that it might involve the Lost Colony… Read more »

Looking to ramp up the scream factor for your trick-or-treaters this year? Then add some pro-level 3D effects from AtmosFX Digital Decorations and be the terror of your neighborhood…. Read more »

Like you, we at FrightFind are big fans of all things horror. That includes all the clever and talented artists who create the make-up, masks, and other effects… Read more »

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the challenger in the blue corner: Standing in at 6 feet 4 inches and hailing from Vällingby, Sweden. He barks. He bites. He’s Bill… Read more »

Tickets to a one-night special sneak preview of Rob Zombie’s new scary clown adventure 31 are going on sale as of Friday, August 5th. The special screening of… Read more »

Now that most of us have finished binge watching Stranger Things we can turn our attention to the much anticipated 6th season of American Horror Story. Last… Read more »

Big shoes. Giant red nose. Squirting flower. Tiny car full of other face painted lunatics. CLOWNS! Millions of people fear them, but why do so few love… Read more »

An Italian company (Capsula Mundi) has a new way of burying the dead. Instead of coffins, they use seeds. Yes, they’ve developed a way to bring life from… Read more »